The staircase

My first timeĀ did not become my first time

I think I was like 18

This girl whose mother was the aunt to my third cousin

walks up to me one day and says, Marvin, Ive decided that I wanna fuck you

She tells told me she would be home alone

Iā€™m like yay!!!

We set a date and time

Her mom would not be home that morning.

It was a school day

i sneak up to the house

It was an old wooden house

With a staircase outside that led to their apartment, first floor

I go up the wooden staircase

Quietly, not to tip off the Chinese restaurant on the groundfloor that some shit was gonna go down! over their heads.

I avoid all the creaks the staircase makes

And just before I reach all the way up, two more steps to go

The door opens and her mom walks out

Bag draped over her arm, like she was gonna go out to run some errand

I stop mid step.

Startled like a fucking deer in headlights


Her mom was surprised to see me.

Hey Marvin. wat doe jij hier?

I mumbled some dumb shit and was about to turn and leave

But the staircase of the old wooden house wasnā€™t made for standing for extended periods and it literally broke under my weight

I held on to the railing not to fall all the way down

As the mom screams in fear of my safety

Imagine me smacking on the floor in front of the Chinese restaurant …

Safe to say I didnā€™t get pussy that day

I am sure I fucked her, but I don’t remember where, when and how

A few days later I was at the barber.

Dude was my age

And he and I always swapped stories

So I told him about how I almost fell through a staircase on my hunt for pussy

It cracked him up

Fast forward to now, 30 years later

I hadn’t spoken to him in like 15 years!

But he finds me on FB last march

First fucking thing he says: