A Thursday story

I wanna tell yall a Thursday story

Thursday is off-beat story day.

Wanna hear it?

Gonna tell it anyway

It happened in Suriname in 2011

I was there for an assignment and I was taken to some riverside party

In a neighborhood where only rich people live

And white people

White rich people

Embassy types

I walked in and I caught the attention of an embassy woman.

My friend caught the attention of a rich Indian woman. He was living with her the next day


Embassy woman, some attaché

We danced and we talked

And at that time i was cocky as shit

So when I left I casually told her call me just now. And i knew she would. Cause her eyes were telling me

So I dropped my boi home and then my phone rang and she told me to meet her outside the gate of the riverside party place

She drove out and I drove behind her

All the way to another rich ass neighborhood

I turned into the driveway behind her car

And waited as she parked in the garage under her house

I didn’t turn off my car and waited for her to get out.

Her door opened

And she was a dude

A white dude

He was scared like fuck!!!!

Turned out the embassy woman had lost me in traffic and I had been following the wrong car, with the wrong white people to the wrong garage under the wrong house.

I had been scaring the shit outa these poor white people, who had definitely noticed a suspicious large horny black guy tailing them in black car.

I turned into jack in a box and got out of their driveway and jetted off like i had been released from prison after doing 20 years for a crime i didn’t commit.