My new Hero

It’s not a good thing to admit to doing, but fuck it: I hate these simpledick motherfuckers who walk around with their selfie sticks snapping pictures of themselves and their self confident grins that say ‘look at me doing shit and being great’. Pompous has gotten a new meaning.

What kinda level of voyeurism must you be at to come up with the idea to attach your phone to a stick so you can glorify yourself? The inventor must be the kind of person who rubs himself off in front of the mirror.

We exist in an immeasurable universe, on a multibillion year old earth that holds seven billion people. … that makes each one of us so immensely insignificant. But the self infatuated fake dickholes that we have become, we refuse to accept that reality.

I saw two of these overly self important motherfuckers tonight at Central Station, happy with themselves and snapping away at their grins.

A granny passed behind them and slick as only some grannies can be, she photobombed the glorification. She gave one of them a quick set of bunny ears, like flick, and then continued walking. Granny didn’t break a stride and the self satisfied dipshits didn’t even see it happening.

She never laughed at her own joke. Like she didn’t even bother to stop and think about how these jackasses would react when they would be back home ready to marvel at themselves in Amsterdam. Boom!

Granny never looked back. She did her do, but now she had a tram to catch. My new Hero. I tried to make eye contact to share the moment, but she was done with it.

I was the only one who saw it all, but I laughed out loud. The real idiot.