So I take my time this morning; not rushing it cause my first meeting is at 11 and I wanna get to work at 9.45 or so. Mozy down to the tram stop and put myself down next to this sexy (white) chick who gave me the once over several times.

I must add that i’m looking spliffy, so i understand her looks, but I didn’t pay her no mind cause I got my headphones on jazzy.

Cop car slides by and I notice the officers are looking at her; remarkable cause Dutch men don’t eye women like that. And usually cops look at the Black dude first .

Cautious, I turn off my music.

They stop, call her over, tell her something and she huffs, turns and starts walking away.

They then tell the other people something as well but continue to ignore the black dude. Everybody starts walking off …

I figure something’s up so I ask the people closest to me if the cops were saying something I should know too, but they’re Polish …

I catch up with the cop car and I go ‘uhm excuse me. Y’all totally ignored me back there and obviously said something I should know, bit obviously I did not hear it. What’s up?” By now my face and frown were actually saying ‘what the fuck and fuck you”. Non verbally.

Both their faces reddened and the one closest to me (he looked like his mom laid him yesterday) stuttered “there’s a problem with current and the trams in this area are not working”.

I huff and walk off too. Jerk offs!

Of course I withheld the “thank you’. My face and frown were saying more than enough.