The Hague Deputy Mayor: immigrants are not ‘the white man’s burden’

By Marvin Hokstam

AMSTERDAM — Outspoken The Hague Deputy Mayor Rabin Baldewsingh holds no punches when expressing is views on immigration, diversity and inclusion. Speaking at a conference in The Hague last Wednesday he launched unbridled criticism of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Rotterdam mayor Aboutaleb who are both on record as telling youngsters of immigrant to descent to “ off” if they don’t like it in the Netherlands.

Aboutaleb had made the statement in 2015 to convey his frustration at young Dutch Muslims who “sympathized” with the terrorists that massacred the editorial team of satirical magazine Charley Hebdo in Paris. “If you cannot take it that humorists make a little newspaper, please off,” said the Rotterdam mayor, himself a Muslim of Moroccan origin.

Rutte used the same phrase in response to Turkish Dutch people who demonstrated in Rotterdam in September last year and appeared to be harassing a Dutch journalist. “Go back to Turkey or –as they would say it in crude The Hague (dialect): Pleurt op ( off),” the Prime Minister said.

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