My smile IS brighter

He lubed me up first


But then he entered me like a brute with his long, hard lance
And started poking
Back and forth
Up and down
In total disregard of my squirms
When I clenched up my gap, he growled ‘what are you doing? Open up!’
I hadn’t realised it but I had been biting down hard on the rod.
‘Relax,’ he said.
‘I’m almost finished. We’re almost done.’
I stopped squirming for a minute and he was appreciative.
‘Yeah that’s it. That’s the perfect position. Keep it right there.’
I opened up wide again, and took it for another ten minutes.
Till he was done
He smiled, pleased with himself.
I got up, washed off my money-maker and left.
I didn’t enjoy a second of today’s visit to the dentist.
But my smile IS brighter