Jay procrastinates and bullshits when he has to shower.Ā Itā€™s what children his age do.

Last night he decided that he needed to take a piss just when I said go shower. He took his piss and walked to the center of the bathroom with his pants still drooped over his ankles and his vest hanging over his bare ass. Zipper dangling just over his willy.

I must add that yesterday, for Halloween, he got ā€œThe Jokerā€ face paint at school.

His face painted white, with dark, gloomy, mysterious circles around his bright eyes. And an oversized characteristic Joker smirk expanded on both cheeks. Creepily funny.

But now heā€™s angry because he has to shower and there I am watching him in the bathroom, faking anger myself but finding it difficult to keep a straight face for this angry smiley face little Joker.

And he starts doing a stupid dance just to annoy me, while pulling on the vest zipper. Up down, up down just over his lil dick.

And then I see his face change in distress and hurt. And surprise because he didnā€™t see it coming.

I knew right away what happened.

Every dad does.

Every dude does.

I cringed as I reminisced.

He started bawling and i thought “it’s what children your age do.”

But all I could say to console him was ā€œthere there. It will be alright. I know ā€¦”