Grow a pair!

I have nuff criticism about Surinamese journalism, but this is where I tip my hat to them.

When they had enough of the bullshit that they are being sold as truth, of the restraints that were put on them to report said bullshit and of the hardship that they endure to help their audience make sense of the news despite the bullshit treatment they received, they banded together and said “fuck it”; they boycotted government’s corona press conferences.

Boom! That’s how you do.

They knew that their job is to inform people properly so they can make smart decisions. And that when they are not allowed to do their job properly, people could die. That they had to show solidarity with their audience, the people, because that’s who they serve.
It’s that simple. It’s not the other way around; if anyone thinks journalism serves government, they got it twisted.

I remember when I had just started in Surinamese journalism back in ’92, we had left a visiting Dutch minister holding his dick too.
He learned that day that you don’t go being impolite to journalists; they got things they can use to get back at you, like pens, paper, radio and tv stations, their talent and expertise… their bodies that they could walk out of your press conference with.

That’s how you do!

Meanwhile, US journalists loyally turn up daily for Trump’s narcissistsessions, to provide him with a podium for his lies and stupidity, where he proceeds to insult them like a butcher chopping lambs patiently waiting for slaughter.

Day in, day out.

And they just sit there and take it, like professional rape victims lulled into believing that this is what love is. Happy like a dog with two tails, any time he has a sporadic moment where he shows affection.

Yo! Grow a pair!

This is me saying be like a Surinamese journalist and tell m to go fuckemself. He might not hear, but he’ll learn.

You’re there to do a job. When you give bullshit a podium, your audience learns and believes bullshit; bullshit thus becomes truth. When bullshit is truth, people inject disinfectant and they die.

Your job is to inform people properly so they can make smart decisions, and when it’s been proven time and again that the person you’re reporting on can’t help you do that job, you should ditch him. You don’t serve him.

Walk out and boycot the bullshit.
Or be complacent.
Your choice