Oh the irony

A white woman whose voice I have never heard denouncing racism or zwarte piet, responded to something I wrote today, Karening that it takes courage to be a conspiracy theorist.
And that it’s because people got locked up like sheep that we’re gonna have problems in the future.
She was addressing me, a black man.

I am so tired
So I didn’t find the energy yet to point out the irony of a conformist white woman telling a black man about the problems that are caused by locking up people like sheep. That it’s because people who consider themselves superior locked up people they consider inferior, that we’ve always had problems. Problems compounded by people who consider themselves superior not listening to people they consider inferior.

When I feel like, I will ask her where she’d been all the times people like me had the courage to raise the issue of conspiracies against black people.

I suspect that she would tell me that I’m stuck in the past and “always using the slavery card”Ā šŸ˜• .