If there was a god, did he really intend sex to be so good that people would cheat for it?

I mean, I know of no other inherent human necessity or trait that people cheat for.

You don’t see people going “I really have to shit and my wife won’t let me, so ima sneak out the house at 1am when she’s asleep, go shit in the neighbour’s toilet and then sneak back in before she wakes up

Have you ever seen hotels where you can rent short stay rooms to people who have the uncontrollable urge to go sneak a pee?

I have NEVER EVER seen that meme of the guy who is chatting with another woman while, unbeknownst to him, his wife reads along over his shoulder, but then this does not concern a side chick, but a dump that she forbids him to take.

Or that picture of the guy who looks back at another woman’s ass, but now he’s is not checking out that booty but rather wondering how big the thurd is that comes out of it.

Have you?

I know guys who had three or four women they had relationships with simultaneously, sometimes driving from one house to the next some nights, fucking all of them in a row. Can you imagine going to three separate houses at night, to go dump a load on the downlow?

We do that kinda shit for sex

Did god intend sex to be this good, or was it an unintended flaw over which he is now shaking his head in disgust?

Or is monogamy some figment of humans’ imagination?

Drafted by ugly ass men who could never get chicks and once they got one decided to make the thought of another woman seem kinda void of principle?