Burn that shit down

I hate to sound redundant like a broken record (remember records that had scratches?), but you could also just skip and not read my opinion (like you could with a record … remember records?)
Removing statues of slavers and other assholes who turned evil into normal, and burning them to smithereens is absolutely what should be done!
Yes they are part of history, but aren’t we making history every day? Aren’t we making beautiful history every day?
A few years ago I was at a building in Amsterdam where several companies shared office space.
One of them was an organisation that had purchased a couple of pieces of art from the war in Mozambique: AK47s and other guns that had been melted into swans and ducks and stiff dancing people that would fit perfectly in a horror movie, and crane birds and the most uncomfortable chairs you can ever imagine.
Sheer monstrosities, beautiful in what they represented: instruments of death worked by fire and melted into works of art.
Because there should be no place for evil in this world. Let’s ban anything that kills, lets not leave anything standing that pays homage to anyone who turned killing into an art form. If you wanna learn about those assholes, go to a library.
Wait what am I saying. Google them. Or better yet don’t.
Fuck those dark pages of our world’s history and write new ones.
Erect statues of flowers. If they have to be people, erect statues of people who fight against division.
We only have so much space on this earth; lets use it wisely and sparingly and not dedicate prime real estate to assholes.
Lets make new history.
I have forever been told to move on from that painful past when my ancestors were enslaved. Lets then also move on from the past that glorifies the people who enslaved them.