Elviera Sandie, Surinameā€™s new Permanent Secretary for Culture is properly prepared and ready

By Marvin Hokstam

PARAMARIBO — Elviera Sandie is the new Permanent Secretary for Culture at Surinameā€™s Ministry of Education; entrusted with the department than charts a path for cultural expressions in a country with a diverse ethnic mix, she said she is ready to do what was hers in coming. ā€œThe way I see it; everything I did prior to getting here was part of the ripening process for this job. Thatā€™s the way it is in life: everything you do comes back to you, so itā€™s best to do good. I was chosen for this job because the people who do the choosing knew me,ā€ she said.

She was sitting down at a ā€œtropical restaurantā€ in Amsterdam for an interview with The Daily Herald, wrapping up her extended vacation in the Netherlands, just a few days before her appointment. ā€œI am excited about this next challenge in my life.ā€

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