Don’t be a dick

I had just moved to the Netherlands after I found that I had crashed dramatically in the Caribbean. Broke, unemployed, depressed and shit. Down. Looking for back up.

I was at De Dam in Amsterdam with my son. No matter what, I had a little boy to entertain, so we were doing the broke tourist thing. He didnā€™t know better anyway.

Then he saw one of those ugly living statues things and he wanted to take a picture with it. I think I had one euro and some change left on me.
I gestured at the dude and placed all my money on his little table. I don’t know why I didn’t talk to him; maybe I figured statues don’t talk.

Anyway; I could see his eyes through the little holes in the mask, they were glaring at me with disgust and calling me a broke bitch and saying ā€œno go away with your cheap ass. I donā€™t stand here for that small change!ā€ He shook his head to go along with it.
My eyes begged back at him ā€œplease givvadadabreakā€, but he couldnā€™t “givvashit”.

He stepped off his little pedestal, walked to the table, picked up the coins I could pay him and gave them back to me. Then he waved me off like a horse would shoo a little annoying shit-fly away with his tail.

I never felt more depressed in my life. I had traveled all over the world, but in my few months of downtime I was wordlessly bitch slapped by this obviously unambitious dude who makes his living just standing around.

When youā€™re down, the only way to go is up. And when you’re up, help somebody else up. There’ll be a lot of opportunities for that in the coming days. Don’t be a dick.

Iā€™m sure heā€™s still standing there, up on that pedestal, probably still looking down on people, being an immobile dick behind a mask.

As for me … Lil Wayne dropped my theme song a few years later. I had never been a wordless dick to anyone, so unlike him, I had the ambition and places to go, plus people willing to help me back up. And I’m paying it forward.

Are you?