“Fuck em”

I once knew this guy who had a top job.
Then, as politics works, people were out to get him over something stupid one of his subordinates did. They really started to mess with him and they tried to lock him up.

I remember meeting him down the street one day; he was sitting on a roadside porch of a restaurant, enjoying a cigarette after lunch. Dressed as always in his customary dark suit and tie and white shirt, looking fearless like someone you shouldn’t mess with. The way he always looked.

I stopped and conveyed my concerns. “How u doin. They out there messin with you man!”

He looked back at me, grinned, and sucked hard and long on his cigarette.

Then he said under his breath:
“Fuck em”.
The phrase blew out a great big white puff of smoke.

I smiled and continued walking.